Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Mom's Spaghetti

When I was feeling the most homesick last October I got this recipe from my mom because it has been my favorite home cooked meal since I can remember (that and beef stroganoff!). When I made it for the first time I burst into tears after the first bite because it tasted just like my moms! What a sap!

Anyway here are the ingredients (I added the mushrooms)! We use turkey bc I think beef is too intense. This is one of the reasons my mom calls this gringo spaghetti. While totally delicious its not exactly authentic . Or Mexican. But whatevs.

I wanted to make it healthier so I broke out my mandolin slicer and sliced down a zucchini into thin strips and boiled it for a minute or two to soften them.

And the finished product! After cooking the sauce for a few hours I put in on the "noodles" and added some Parmesan!Looks ugly but it was amazing!

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