Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Barbecued Cinnamon Apple Slices

I went apple picking in New York a few weeks ago and it was sooo much fun! I went a little crazy and brought home a good fifteen pounds of apples which I am going to use to make all kinds of wonderful appley things!

Using the finest cutlery available at the gas station we passed on the way up, I sliced up a bunch of apples I picked 30 seconds before and threw them on the BBQ and covered them with cinnamon.

They came out SO good!

<3 Hannah

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Snickerdoodle Cake With Brown Sugar Cinnamon Buttercream

This cake was made in celebration of Chris' brother Jeff coming to visit! Also I decided later it was also to thank Jeff for buying Kelli and me the domain so that we can be reached at which I think is pretty awesome!

Pretty batter before I baked it! Full of cinnamon sugar goodness. If I wasn't irrationally deathly afraid of getting salmonella from raw eggs from years of my mother telling me I would, I definitely would have have licked the spoon! But, I didn't because I think it will make me die (thanks mom.).

I split my two cakes into three layers. It was supposed to be four but due to some unfortunate sticking to the pan and cracking I couldn't do the bottom layer. Word of advise: If the directions say butter and flour the pan, do it. Nonstick spray is apparently not the same. I had great success for the first cake when I followed the directions but failed miserably when I just sprayed it.. Sad..

This cinnamon brown sugar butter cream was AMAZING. I wish I had fun cake decorating tools to make it even for beautiful, but I think the cinnamon sticks were fun too.

A last little sprinkle of cinnamon and we are all done! This cake was pretty labor and butter intensive but very worth the trouble. I mean, look at it! :)

It really did taste like a snickerdoodle cookie! Except more decadent. And wonderful. It went over very well and I hope Jeff thinks it was worth driving from NJ for ;)

Yay cake and yay! (P.S. Kelli thats your cue to post all of your backlogged food you have been too lazy to put up...haha)
<3 Hannah